220317 - Late

So unfortunately my schedule was completely jammed yesterday, which is why I didn't have the time to post anything here. But I'm back! 
I had coffee with a friend yesterday which was very nice and needed, it's always nice to catch up with people I normalyy don't see very often. More of that please! After hours of talking I had to run off to a meeting at school about our graduation party (which I'll admit I had forgot about for a split second). After that I had yet another meeting with one of my mentors. It's nice to know that there are teachers at my school who can make time for random meetings with students; makes me feel less lonely. 
After all my meetings I had to rush off to the grocery store and pick up some snacks for the CVworkshop planned for the evening. So I met up with Adam and we bought some bread, fruit, te and allt that good stuff. After that we went home and prepared all the snacks, then it was time to make our way back to school again for the workshop. The workshop ended at 20:30 so we were both very tired as we came home. And I was veryyyy hungry since I'd managed to forget to eat during the entire day. But I whipped up a kickin noodle soup and after that I was good to go. Actually I wasn't because I was so stuffed I could hardly move for a while. Oops. 
Anyway, I had time for all my yoga sessions, morning, workout and bedtime routine - I'm so glad I'm doing this! 
So now I'm gping to enjoy my coffee and the sunshine and soon the day will begin for real. 
Lots of love!