270317- Nerves

Hi everyone out there, 
I'm currently in school, sitting in a couch just thinking about this weeks schedule. I'm a bit nervous about some things but infusing my mind with positive thoughts. 
I am strong
I am intelligent
I am beautiful 
I am wonderful 
It's funny how I get so worked up about things I maybe shouldn't waste my energy on. But I guess I'm jsut that kind of person, I care a lot. 
Secretly wishing people who contantly talk shit and treat other like garbage would just disappear though. Disrespectful people really do it for me in a not very pleasant way. I could figuratively rip some heads off, but instead I breathe, and tell myself that;
I am kind
I am respectful
I have dignity
I am loving
And that's where I get my strength. And courage. 

250317- Moving on

Good morning! 
Currently in bed beside Adam, we woke up a little while ago and have been watching How I Met Your Mother with some coffee. Today's plans were just cancelled, or tonights, so there's that. I was thinking of maybe going somewhere to fix my watch. Also I missed yoga yesterday so I have to make up for that today. I'm looking forward to yoga!!! 
//Pic from Tumblr//

230317- lines


In bed with food coma, my stomach feels like it's going to explode managed to do some yoga anyway which was nice. :)