220317 - Core

Phew! Just finished my yoga routine for today along with another set of Core sets, I feel the burn to say the least. Looking forward to my bedtime yoga already, but feeling a bit dizzy from all the breathing haha. 
Today has been a tough one, I posted some feedback from an event I had yesterday with the CV thing, and the response wasn't so great positively speaking. I think I was critiqued for being a mentor when a mentor wasn't needed or something like that. Anyway, I talked to some of my friends and we came so some sort of decision on how we should continue which was nice. After that I had breakfast (yes, I went to school to have a short meeting / drop off a set of keys) and then I went home again for a short while. After our brunch Adam and I went back to school to check out his presentation/exhibition which was nice. It wasn't crowded, but it was interesting to see what people had done and stuff, both games and movies. I like looking at stuff. After that we went back home, I felt a wave of anxiety and stress crashing onto my innerself which made me feel inadequate and sad, and apparently also made me rude... It's hard when I feel I need support, but I haven't yet figured out what kind of support. And it's even harder when I try to express that confusion and anxiety and I'm met with a wall or something like that. Note to self, keep ventilated confusion to a minimum. 
So I went back to school to try and manage some of that stress, sent some emails, answered some emails, created events and stuff like that, finalized my budget and project specs, finished a song I'm currenlty producing. So I tried to actually manage the stress that built up over the course of the day (and other things). Now I'm home again, just finished yoga (as mentioned) and Adam is doing the laundry.