200317 - For real

Hey there! 
I hope you are having a nice monday, I sure am. I jsut came home from school, we had a seminar about our projects which was fun and inspiring. I like meeting my classmates, we don't see each other that often anymore. As of right now I am exporting a video from my visist at Elleholms tomato plantation last week, rendering another video from my excursion to emporia a couple weeks ago, writing my prject diary (or rather translating and summarzing it so I can send it to my mentor). So yeah, I sure am busy busy! 
Other than that it's sunny outside, I have a meeting this afternoon and some errands to run and all that other fun stuff. Hopefully I'll have time for a walk or maybe a run also, but I have yoga planned for this evening so there's always that. BTW, I managed to complete a full bedtime yoga session yesterday before bed and a morning yoga session this morning before school. So I have to keep it up for a little while longer until it's truly become a routine!